Week 11 Final Project – Transgender Research

Project: Final Project

In previous weeks of this course, you began thinking about and planning for your Final Project. By now, you should have selected a research question that interests you, identified the dataset that you will use to answer that question, and chosen a statistical test to analyze that data.

Now it is time to move from the planning stages into the execution stage of your Final Project. As you work on your Final Project, keep these guidelines in mind:

  1. Present your research question clearly.
  2. Explain why you selected your dataset and the statistical test you applied to that dataset.
  3. Detail whether your test has statistical power or not.
  4. Use one of the statistical tests covered in this course.
  5. Visually display your results, in APA format.
  6. Detail how your findings might impact social change.
  7. Ensure that your Final Project is 7–10 pages in length, in APA format.