Visual Information: General Project/Assignments

Line graph, bar graph and table comparing applicant received in a college per year.

Version that seems most effective for someone who:

(a) Wants exact figures

(b) Wonders how overall enrollments are changing

(c) Wants to compare enrollments at each college in a certain year

General Project/Assignment 5

General Project/Assignment 5

The most appropriate visual for illustrating each of the following relationships:

a.) A comparison of three top brands of skis, according to cost, eight, durability, and edge control- (100 percent bar graph)

b.) A breakdown of your monthly budget– (Pie chart)

c.) The percentage of college graduates finding desirable jobs within three months after graduation, over the last ten years– (Multipleline graph)

d.) A breakdown of the process of corn-based ethanol production– (Flowchart)

e.) A comparison of five cereals on the basis of cost and nutritional value-(Multiple bar graph).