Vigilance and Detection Theory

Vigilance and Detection Theory

Vigilance and Detection Theory-HUD

Head-up display (HUD) is a modern tool commonly used in aircraft; it superimposes information over the normal view from the front window. HUD has done away with the problem of pilots dividing attention over multiple sources of information while flying the aircraft. With HUD, the pilot does not need to look down at gauges in the aircraft; important information is available on the aircraft’s front window.

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HUD of an Aircraft

Aircraft pilots train for hours in simulators, where they familiarize themselves with the use of HUDs before using them for flying aircraft. Several car manufacturers also offer HUDs. Although a lot of information is available to the pilot, not everything can be processed. Some research suggests that pilots switch attention between the external environment views and the superimposed aircraft information, which defeats the purpose of having all information available at one location, without the need to look in separate areas. HUDs generally are effective in normal operations, but unexpected environmental events may go unnoticed.