Video Summary AssignmentIdeal Muslim HusbandINSTRUCTIONS: As

Video Summary AssignmentIdeal Muslim HusbandINSTRUCTIONS: As with any religion, there is always an ideal to which devoteesstrive to attain in this life. In Islam, the ideal is set forth in the Quran and Hadith, in theexample of the Prophet Muhammad, his wives, and his companions. This video usespassages from the Quran and Hadith to illustrate how the ideal marriage relationshipshould function in several areas and of the womans and mans role in it. Interpretations,examples, advice and commentary are added by Muslim Imams and scholars on each ofthese areas. View the video and write a brief paragraph under each of these headingssummarizing the comments that have been made or giving specific advice or examplesthat show what that ideal is supposed to be. There is no answer key for this assignment.Note: Just a word of warning- this video contains a LOT of Arabic as the target audienceis assumed to be good Muslims who would know all the things the speakers arereferencing. They break into Arabic quite frequently, quoting Quran and Hadith andgiving Islamic expressions (such as the Salahu Allahi wa Selam, or Peace Be UponHim, when mentioning the Prophet, or Subhan Allah and other praise words when talkingabout God) in the middle of speaking in English. So, if you didnt understand somethingthat was said, it was not your volume control, or their clarity of English- most likely, theywere just saying something in Arabic in the middle of the sentence1. Quran 9:71 Partners in Personal Development:2. Quran 33: 70, 71 Partners in communication:3. Tirmidhi Hadith Partners in Housework:4. Quran 2:223 Partners in Intimacy:5. Quran 42:38 Partners in Consultation:6. Quran 31:13 Partners in Parenting:7. Quran 4:34 The Nature of Leadership:8. Quran 4:19 Reconciling our Differences:9. Quran 4:35 Arbitration:10. Quran 2: 228, 229 Some Reflections on Divorce:11. Bukhari & Muslim Hadith Advice to Youth:12. Quran 4:1 Common Solutions to Common Problems:13. What was the most interesting new piece of information that you gained fromwatching this video that affected your view of a womans role in Islamic marriagerelationships?