Using the writing process, write a well-developed essay of a

Essay Assignment INSTRUCTIONS: i. Using the writing process, write a well-developed essay of at least 5OO words on one of the following topics. 2. Make sure to have an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, three coherent body paragraphs with topic sentences, and a conclusion. 3. Turn in the final draft in Hawkes before Sunday, November 24 al ll:30 pm. No late essays will be accepted. 4. Make sure that the essay is in MLA format. lf the system destroys the formatting, I will not count off. PROMPTS ‘1. lf you could go back in time and give yourself any three pieces of advice, what would you tell yourself?. 2. Compare/contrast any two television or movie characters. 3. Describe your idea of a good time. What are the most impodant qualities of a successful person? 4. What are the most important qualities of a successful person? 5. A topic of your choice (subject to instructor approval Turn in essay in Hawkes Learning. Use the following steps: t. Go to Hawkes Learning 2. Click View Course 3. Click SmartReviews 4. Click Essay Final Draft 5. Click Stad 6. Enter essay into text box https://chattahoocheetech. btackboard.c!!fi/webappslblackboardleontent/tistCsntenl-lsp?course-id=-I8522J&content-id=-16