United States citizens

Jose Ayala Sanchez

COMM 101 55A Saturday

Informative Speech

Mary Haynie

February 25, 2017

Specific purpose:

To inform the three different ways a person can become a US citizen to the class in a time frame of five to seven minutes.

Central idea:

Share information about the process of becoming a US citizen, which describes my steps and things that I had to learn.

(Transition) I would like to start

I. Why?

A) I decided to become a US citizen for many reasons.

B) I don’t see myself moving back to Mexico.

C) I wanted it the right to vote in elections for public officials.

D) For Law enforcement jobs, applicants just be a US citizen (Fuller, 2014).

(Transition) Now I’d like to move on

II. The two easy ways someone can become a US citizen.

A) The first one is if you were born in the United States of America, automatically you become one.

B) The next easy way is the Child Citizenship Act, is a United States federal law that allows certain foreign-born, biological and adopted children of United States citizens to acquire United States citizenship automatically (uscis.gov/n-600).

C) Requirements for the Child Citizenship Act.

D) Child Citizenship Act Form N-600, fee $1,170.

(Transition) Lastly,

III. The last way someone can become a US Citizen Is by Naturalization.

A) The complicated way is by Naturalization.

B) The requirements for Naturalization.

C) Form-400, fee $725, no fee is required for military applicants (uscis.gov/n-400)

D) Steps of Naturalization

1. File Form N-400

2. Submit your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization

3. Get Fingerprinted

4. Attend a Citizenship Interview/ Civics Test.

5. Attend the Oath Ceremony

(Transition) And finally

IV. Now that you are a U.S. Citizen…

A) You can apply for a U.S. Passport.

B) Update Your Social Security Record.

C) You need to register to vote.

(Transition) And in closing

V. Summarize my speech

A) I went over the different ways a person can become a US citizen, and the steps I had to do when I applied by Naturalization.

B) Thank you all for your time and thank you for listening.

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