Totally 3 Pages Final Project of the Date Analyze (Statistic)

This is a Statistic Final Project which need to collect data from YRBSS and analyze the graph and data. However, the topic I already chosen and also the data I have already collected which can make you do the assignment much easier.

I will upload a important description of this assignment which is more specific than what I said above and also will post the data what I have already collected.

Furthermore, this project consist of 2 part which is Data Production and 2 paragrah of data and graph analyze.

PS: the document of description of the project looks like a outline, I have done little part, please check the description first. And also because there are too much stuff I need to upload because it can make the assignment more clear such as the graph and data collection excel, but here is a limitation for upload, so I can send it to a sharing google document, then you do not have to do this part again.