Topic Propose a research question about clinical practice in

Assessment 1 (10%). Individual written task (250 words)Topic Propose a research question about clinical practice in nursing and midwifery. Decideupon the best a) paradigm AND b) research design to answer the question and discusswhy this was the most appropriate approach.Length 250 word (+/-10%)x In-text references are included in word count.x Reference list is excluded from the word count.x Words in template (45) are excluded from word countValue 10% of the total marks for NSG2NMRSILOS 1 & 2Due date Please refer to the correct submission date for your cohortCohort A1: 0900, 20 September 2019Cohort A2: 0900, 30 August 2019Cohorts B1 & B2: 0900, 9 August 2019Format A template has been provided for this task.References References should be in APA 6th referencing style.Our intention with this subject (and this assessment) is to encourage you to be curious. Curiosity is akey attribute underpinning Evidence Based Practice in healthcare – the provision of care not just as ithas always been done but to identify practices that are supported by research evidence, clinicalexperience, are appropriate to the individual’s context and resources at hand, as well as being inkeeping with the values of the patient (Hoffmann, Bennett, & Del Mar, 2010).As professionals we would encourage you to be curious about practice and to ask questions; why dothat practice then, why in that way, why might that be effective, or why might that be effective butonly for those patients. As such, with this assessment we want you to think of a research questionand consider which main research paradigm and design would be the most appropriate to obtainevidence to answer those questions and enhance nursing care, nurse wellbeing, healthcare systemsand process, and patient outcomes.You will need to propose one “research question” about a clinical issue or nursing.You should then decide upon the best paradigm (Qualitative, Quantitative) to answer thisquestion and the specific design (ethnography, cohort study) that is most appropriate.Using the template provided, you should present:x The research questionx A description of the selected paradigm and design (including definitions)x The reason why you thought this was the most appropriate paradigm and design