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Topic: The immune system is a daunting system to cover. However, it is critical for a healthcare professional to understand how the immune system works. This week you will provide a written response that analyzes the mechanism of action for the three lines of defense in the immune system.2000-2250 word , not including the Title and References pages (typed, 12 point font, double spaced).In addition, I have included a link to research article (Item 10). You should read and provide a review of this article in item 10.Required Topics to Address:Physical barriers, the first line of defenseThe second line of defense, the innate immune systemPhagocytosisImmunological SurveillanceInterferonsInflammationThe third line of defense, humoral immunityAntibody structure and classesThe third line of defense, cell-mediated immunityVaccines and pseudoscience (review this article and provide a summary: http://www.miottawa.org/Health/OCHD/pdf/2007_Nature_DeStefano_Vaccines_and_Autism.pdf)References- Support your content with at least (5) citations. Make sure to reference the citations using APA writing style for the presentation.