Nursing Paper About ayurvedic medicine 4-6 pages long!

This is a nursing paper I must write you must read and familiarize yourself with all the Ayurvedic resources, Use the Internet to further explore Ayurvedic Medicine, also I gave you LINKS AND ATTACHMENTS which are 3 articles, 2 videos and 3 web links that must use to get information from them to answer the following questions all questions must be explain in the paper.What is ayurvedic medicine?Give an example of how Ayurvedic Medicine can empower patients.The education, scope of practice, and treatment claims of the practitioners.What techniques are specific to ayurvedic medicine?What conditions are ayurvedic medicine used for?Describe the impact that Ayurvedic Medicine can have on the global community.Identify Ayurvedic resources within a specific community.INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE PAPERAPA STYLE (TITLE PAGE, REFERENCE PAGE, NO PLAGIARISM)MUST HAVE AT LEAST 4 REFERENCES SOURCESMUST BE 4-6 PAGES LONG !!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT(Video Links) WEB LINKS MORE INFORMATION )