Tools to strengthen work philosophy.

Write a statement of the values you bring to your work and illustrate those values with concrete examples. You will be expected to weave in ethics, concerns for self and others (ripple effect of your philosophy), economic security, time management, work/life balance, rest, job satisfaction, expectations of workload for you as well as other people in your ecosystem, and extraction implications on the micro and macro-level). In the initial assignment, you will be expected to produce a 5-7 page paper with citations from at least 12 sources within the module. You are essentially articulating your philosophy of work for yourself, how that may impact others, and how you will or hope to live out that philosophy (or anticipate you will). Discuss hurdles and benefits to the ecosystem you want to be a part of and list your “unknowns” and uncertainties. Think about what tools you believe you would need to strengthen your work philosophy. You are allowed to refer yourself for any of the assignments you submitted as well. Citations must be in APA (Links to an external site.) format