Theoretical approaches of elder care

Theoretical approaches of elder care

There is not necessarily a certain number of PowerPoint slides that are required, but if you follow the guideline listed here, you should have at least 10 – 15 slides for your topic. Assignment: “Your Lot in Life”

Purpose of Assignment: To measure students’ ability to:

  1. Explain a life span development event, or issue (i.e., child-rearing practices, marital considerations, elder care, dementia, reproductive technologies, healthcare policies);
  2. Apply the concepts and major theoretical approaches to the assigned case in resolving a life span development situation, i. e., mental or developmental disorder, psychosocial change or trauma, or a moral dilemma;
  3. Use research to evaluate and distinguish the influences of heredity, environmental context, and cultural values in their case scenario;
  4. Apply ethical principles to “best” resolve or alleviate the problem in their assigned case;
  5. Use information literacy skills to locate appropriate research and other relevant community resources and materials to create an informative class presentation.

Product: A PowerPoint/Prezi presentation that summarizes the above elements. Grading: This assignment is worth 100 points rubric: Posted Directions:  Choose your “lot in life” condition from the list of suggested topics. Your task is to prepare a PowerPoint/Prezi presentation for the class that comprehensively addresses “your lot in life” event/issue using a theoretical approach(es) and research findings.  Your PowerPoint/Prezi presentation must include the following elements:

  1. Introduction of topic.
  2. Description and definition of the condition.
  3. At least one major theoretical approach to explain and resolve the life span development situation (i.e., mental or developmental disorder, psychosocial change or trauma, or a moral dilemma).
  4. Research findings from one professional journal article, one national organization Website, one governmental agency, and one additional source to reference in the presentation (references must be done APA style).
  5. The research method used in the journal article to study the condition.
  6. Your individual recommendations that you believe will best resolve/alleviate this condition are based on research and the ethics and values as expressed in the “standard of care” practiced in this community.
  7. The impact of this condition on the physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development of those affected by this condition.
  8. Local community resources, and or national resources, such as phone numbers and contact information, and program details that are available to support an individual or family in your “lot in life” situation.
  9. Any additional information relevant to the topic for informational purposes (i.e., brief video clip, brochure) may be included.