The topic you will be writing about is “Rescue drones” when

The topic you will be writing about is “Rescue drones” when people go missing on mountains or in the case of fire, we can find people faster. The project is that we will have multiple drones that will go and look for people and send signals to each other if anyone is found.
For this assignment, you need to find two scholarly articles about this topic and summarize one of the articles.
For the proposal final project, you are required to find and use two articles from credible sources (one scholarly article and one non-scholarly).  For the Technical Summary assignment, you will find and summarize one of these articles.  Be careful in your selection of the article for this assignment as the content needs to support the proposal topic you have identified and will become part of the proposal content (background information section).  Team members should not summarize the same article. Scholarly articles can be found in any of the engineering databases accessible through the Library (use the Research Help tab to access these databases).  Acceptable sources for the non-scholarly article: trade publications, periodicals, book chapters, patents, or other credible source as approved by your instructor.
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Requirements: One page in length Provide a citation in the correct style for your discipline formatted as a footer Include a header with your name and class time Times New Roman 12 point font Single-spaced with one space between paragraphs No paragraph indent Written in third person Audience Type:  Non-technical Title will be: Summary of (include the title of the article you are summarizing in quotation marks).  Format as a first-level heading:   12 point font, center, bold, title case
Below is attached the rubric for this assignment