THE TASK Choose one of the following topics on which to do a

THE TASK Choose one of the following topics on which to do a plan for a research study. This must build on a topic suggested for further work in a published, peer-reviewed article. You must reference this source article and although you may use some of their references, the literature review to support your proposed new study and the design including sampling, number of participants, process of research, data collection instruments must be your own writing. ? The ethics of collecting and analysing data in sensitive commercial or government institutions. ? The ethical considerations of managing failing projects ? Ethics and other soft skills in successful project management ? Ethics, privacy and security in collecting social networking data ? Managing ethical risks when designing public access wireless networks ? E-commerce and ethical web design PART A PLANNING A NEW PIECE OF RESEARCH USING A V DIAGRAM (10%) You firstly need to decide on a problem that you plan to address in your work and problem relevant research question(s) and/or research hypotheses. You will plan a research study that addresses these research question(s) related to the chosen problem and use this to build your V diagram. This research must be on one of the above problem. You can use the Q5 technique to help you complete a V diagram of your research plan but you will only be marked on the V diagram. Put as much detail as you can on your V diagram as this will help in the planning process of any research. You are NOT required to collect or analyse any data.