The is a representation of quota sampling

Student 1

· Does this represent proper quota or stratified sampling?

The is a representation of quota sampling. Quota sampling is defined as a non-probability sampling method in which researchers create a sample involving individuals that represent a population.

Researchers choose these individuals according to specific traits or qualities. They decide and create quotas so that the market research samples can be useful in collecting data.

The researcher can divide into quotas using gender. 70% one gender and 30% the other gender.

The main reason why researchers choose quota samples is that it allows the researchers to sample a subgroup that is of great interest to the study. Quota sampling also allows the researchers to observe relationships between subgroups.

Sooyna should do stratified sampling to get a generalized study on the perception of sports advertising.

· List three research strategies each, you can use to follow both quota and stratified sampling.

Qualitative research strategy, quantitive research strategy, and action-orientated research strategy.

· Using the South University Online Library, find and summarize three articles. Focus on the methods they used to ensure representation.

The first step in the quota or stratified sampling is to segment the population into groups. This allows for faculty statistics as well as several variables that can be inclusive or exclusive if need be.

Identifying the population according to stratification and then the researcher needs to ensure that the number is selected for each sample or group that is appropriate to its population for observation.

· Do you think any of these methods are also applicable in research involving animals?

Such methods usually are not applicable in research involving animals. The research methods on animals are different from the research on humans.

Adaptive stratified sampling procedures for animal populations in which the sample size depends on the observation. This method provides a more efficient way of sampling that is highly clustered.

Even though animal gender and human gender can be stratified or placed into a quota. animals have different DNA for study and research than humans so therefore it is harder to use this type of research method for animals. TOO many subcategories to be considered.