The Influence of Educational Achievement


Persuasive Essay: Defending Your Research Topic (The Influence of Educational Achievement on Recidivism Rates among Juvenile Offenders) and Question: Part 2

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, please read the article by Vassallo (2002), Persuading Powerfully: Tips for Writing Persuasive Documents, and review the supplemental material titled Critical Thinking: A Guide to Skillful Reasoning (Links to an external site.).

Part 2

Prior to beginning this assignment, you must complete the Identify Your Research Question: Part 1 (Peer Feedback) discussion and have received feedback. incorporate feedback from your instructor into your paper.

Navigate to this week’s discussion forum to review your feedback if necessary.

In a paper of at least 1,800 words (not including title, abstract, and reference pages), persuasively argue that your topic of interest and the specific research question you have identified are pertinent to your field of study and of interest to the broader academic and practitioner community. Build on material from your weekly Discussion Forums and the feedback from your classmates and your instructor to address the following:

Analyze the over-arching topic you are interested in and what justifies your research question, basing your analysis on the information you have gathered on the topic throughout this course. Cite literature you have found that explores, studies, or debates critical aspects of the topic or question.

Create a compelling argument that reinforces why you believe your topic is relevant to your field of study, and why your research question is important to answer, using principles of persuasive writing.

Assess the audience for a research study on your topic of interest, describing who might be interested in the answer to your research question.