The forensic psychology concepts Thesis

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The forensic psychology concepts Thesis

 The last time I asked Nerdify for my assignment on this subject, nerdify plagiarized my work. In addition, this Nerdify did not follow the instructions.

This assignment is a chance to make up for the last assignment that was plagiarized. This professor of my forensic psychology subject is very strict. I cannot stress how strict she is.

She is very strict when it comes to plagiarism and when it comes to APA. Please read her instruction word per word because she is very particular with her instruction. Please DO NOT use sources outside. I have attached a forensic psych book we are using. So please just use that one.

Like what she said in her instruction, DO NOT throw terminology around. No, she doesn’t like that. She wants to use our own words. Please CITE the source properly. She said, “Explain how the forensic psychology concepts you’re learning about in the course are relevant to the case”.

So our topics for this sem are Ch 2 Police Psychology;  Ch 3 the Psychology of Police Investigations; Ch 4 Deception; Ch 5 Eyewitness Testimony; Ch 6 Child Victims and Witnesses; Ch 7 Juries; Ch 8 The Role of Mental illness in Court; Ch 9 Sentencing and Parole in Canada; Ch 10 Risk Assessments; Ch 11 Psychopaths.

So please just choose within these chapters I mentioned if you want to apply what “I learned” from forensic psychology and how it relates to the essay. My teacher gave a lot of titles, I chose the case of Vince Li who beheaded a fellow passenger and was not criminally responsible for the crime and he was, instead, put in a mental hospital.

This is my prof special note: “***PLEASE NOTE*** THIS IS AN INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT.  PLAGIARISM OF ANY KIND WILL RESULT IN A GRADE OF ZERO AND A PERMANENT MARK ON YOUR ACADEMIC RECORD!!! You must cite intext ALL ideas (not just direct quotes) that are not your own. You must also acknowledge direct quotes appropriately.

Typically, each paper should have at least one citation per paragraph (and a paragraph is usually about 5 – 10 sentences and half a page double spaced or less). “