the field of cognitive psychology

the field of cognitive psychology

 You should build on the ideas from the Module One discussion to select your final topic. Remember to select an area of psychology that you wish to research. For example, you might look at cognitive psychology or developmental psychology.

Then, within this field, you will pick a  particular area that is of interest to you. For example, within the field of cognitive psychology, you might examine memory in emotional situations. Or, within developmental psychology, you might examine the development of executive functions in kindergarteners.

Your final topic submission should discuss the area of psychology that you wish to research and provide a discussion of at least two articles that you might use in the literature review section of the introduction.

You may use the article that you found to support your topic in the Module One discussion as one of your two articles, or choose two new articles. The articles should be used to support your topic choice and help you explain the different concepts that you will explore in your research.

For example, if you are interested in looking at executive functions in kindergarteners, you might find two articles that describe prior research on this topic and discuss how the articles are relevant to your topic.

What do the articles examine that you might also examine? Or what might be some limitations of the articles that you could address in your research?