The ‘Carter Conference Centre’ operates a large conference

ScenarioPart 1 (a) – Develop a questionnaire (15 marks)The ‘Carter Conference Centre’ (CCC) operates a large conference centre business in central Singapore. The centre hosts many types of conferences (typically one per week including academic conferences). They are arranged for both private and public sector customers. A conference can have anywhere between 50 and 400 delegates. Customers can be locally or internationally based. The centre has a reception area with facilities such as networked PC terminals, refreshment machines, public conveniences, and space for leaving luggage and coats. There is one large auditorium for mass lectures/presentations and a number of ‘break-out’ or seminar rooms for discussions or presentations involving smaller groups. There is also a communal area that is used for refreshments between sessions in the morning and afternoon and is also used to serve lunch. Conference centre staff can prepare hot and cold drinks, but any food is sourced from a third party supplier and served by the conference centre staff. Due to location there is no dedicated parking available (except for a limited number for disabled visitors) but there are public transport routes nearby.The CCC management wishes to use a survey to investigate the opinions of visitors to the centre and you are required to develop a short questionnaire covering the major issues related to this case scenario. You should use the above information along with any further research you may wish to do to decide on the questionnaire content.Your questionnaire should be a maximum of three pages and should be presented professionally so that it is ready to send out to potential respondents.Students are permitted to use the ‘Qualtrics’ software to produce their questionnaire, but this is not compulsory and students can choose to produce their questionnaire using normal word processing packages. The marks awarded for the questionnaire will not be dependent on the software used to design the questionnaire however if Qualtrics is used then presentation should still be of a professional report standard, and a coding plan should still be provided.Your questionnaire should be presented as an appendix to your assignment.