statistics question

Hello I need assistance with these questions, showing work unnecessary just answers for multiple choice practice quiz

1) Elwin Osbourne, CIO at GFS, Inc., is studying employee use of GFS e-mail for non-business communications. He plans to use a 95% confidence interval estimate of the proportion of e-mail messages that are non-business; he will accept a 0.05 error. Previous studies indicate that approximately 30% of employee e-mail is not business related. Elwin should sample _______ e-mail messages.

2) Life tests performed on a sample of 13 batteries of a new model indicated: (1) an average life of 75 months, and (2) a standard deviation of 5 months. Other battery models, produced by similar processes, have normally distributed life spans. The 98% confidence interval for the population mean life of the new model is _________.

3) The mean life of a particular brand of light bulb is 1200 hours and the standard deviation is 75 hours. Tests show that the life of the bulb is approximately normally distributed. It can be concluded that approximately 68% of the bulbs will last between _______.

4) Catherine Chao, Director of Marketing Research, is evaluating consumer acceptance of a new toothpaste package. Her staff reports that 17% of a random sample of 200 households prefers the new package to all other package designs. If Catherine concludes that 17% of all households prefer the new package, she is using _______.

5) Ophelia O’Brien, VP of Consumer Credit of American First Banks (AFB), monitors the default rate on personal loans at the AFB member banks. One of her standards is “no more than 5% of personal loans should be in default.” On each Friday, the default rate is calculated for a sample of 500 personal loans. Last Friday’s sample contained 30 defaulted loans. Ophelia’s null hypothesis is _______.

6) The number of cars arriving at a toll booth in five-minute intervals is Poisson distributed with a mean of 3 cars arriving in five-minute time intervals. The probability of 5 cars arriving over a five-minute interval is _______.

7) A market researcher is interested in determining the average income for families in San Mateo County, California. To accomplish this, she takes a random sample of 300 families from the county and uses the data gathered from them to estimate the average income for families of the entire county. This process is an example of _______.

8) Suppose a population has a mean of 400 and a standard deviation of 24. If a random sample of size 144 is drawn from the population, the probability of drawing a sample with a mean less than 402 is _______.