Statistics in criminal justice

Whole assignment must have a minimum of 1,200 words, Use provided material (PDF book) to answer each question. Must also use two additional sources to complete assignment. Here is the reference for the PDF in APA format: Walker, J. (2009). Statistics in criminology and criminal justice (4th ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett. Remember to use in-text citations throughout each new paragraph with supporting facts.

On pages 114-118 of the text, you will find the results for four variables, HOME, ARREST, TENURE, and SIBLINGS. These results are the basis for the following questions:

1.) Define standard deviation, index of dispersion, and range.

2.)For the variables, HOME, ARREST, TENURE and SIBS, identify the correct measure of dispersion and explain why it is appropriate. Locate the values for the measure on the tables and report them for each variable.