SPHS500 – Final Project personal obesity and household income

SPHS500 – Final Project

For this assignment, please include all of the required information below into a Word document and upload the completed file as an attachment.  Please do NOT paste your responses in the submission box.  

For this project you will write an original research question on any topic in the Health Sciences and create a fictitious data set to analyze your data using Excel and answer your research question.  Then, you will summarize your findings in a journal-style results section including any tables or statistical output you deem necessary to explain your findings.  

At a minimum, include the following: research question, null and alternate hypotheses, independent  and dependent variable, description of the statistical test used, your results from that test using your fictitious data and concluding statements relating back to your hypotheses.  Do not simply include your statistical output.  Instead, make sure you explain and interpret the statistical output.

If you have any questions, please send me a message.  While there is no minimum page length, it will likely take >4 pages to cover all of this information adequately.