specific conditions in therapy

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specific conditions in therapy


Interactive Assignment.




I feel privileged to seating with you answering questions that will solve a puzzle on why you are going through a burdening experience and how you can move forward from that situation.

Inputting an insight knowledge of how you can deal with anything had in life, and diagnose any condition relating to a situation before treatment. Having an understanding of the human mind, behavior, and emotions has been my desire, therefore driven to solve questions that start with how and why.

I work with minority groups like adolescent, women, and their family which has become an area of great interest to me regarding the transmission of family physical health, mental health, and health behavior. I will engage while recollecting the underserved minority groups through maintaining a growing focus on developing and implementing interventions and prevention programs.

To me, challenges regarding mental health challenges are solved in a better background of the family-like relationship issues, depression, and low self-esteem amongst family members.

It is important to focus on recovery despite living in an ever-changing world full of unfortunate events. I believe the presence of the environment that was once misery becomes a perfect chance to make any change towards positivity.

I am comfortable displaying sympathy while providing critical thinking regarding any situation presented by my patients.

I will discuss with your activities and the specific conditions available in the therapy. Starting with treatment preference, where you will outline your desires regarding the type of intervention, such as psychodynamic or person-centered. Second, preference about the therapist where you will let me know the kind of therapist you will wish to work with. Lastly, activity preference: you will outline the specific actions you will want to engage in in the entire counseling process.

Having the ability to communicate fluently in English puts me in a better position to solve my patients’ mental health challenges. I will provide services to all individuals and families including the minority groups, and communities in the society from all ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds where your personal information will remain to be highly confidential.


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