Some one can do SAS software

hi I am looking for someone who perfect in math and Statictics also should know SAS software and My homework is:

Individual Introductory lab to be submitted under this item through BB.

This is your first lab to explore how to use SAS and you are free to explore. The SAS website is an excellent resource. Once you are all set and you practice how to access and work with SAS, you will be assigned a group project and a final project using large data collected from real sources ( Government sites, WHO, Financial data, world Bank, Engineering firms..) to study a topic of interest to you.


Statistics Tracking

1- Open the attached document to find directions on how to download SAS on your own Computer or where you might find On Campus labs where you SAS is available.

2- Once you have access to SAS ( Your own PC or Labs), proceed by exploring how to use the software to run procedures; I attached a sample attached file.)

3- Save your practice work of your exploration sessions in a word file and a pdf a one page proof with your name and submit through the link under this item.( in case, you encounter some problems, and you could not access SAS, describe the steps you took and where you encountered these problems on the discussion board. Don’t wait until the last minute.)

4- Post your questions, answers, suggestions and hints to help each other out.

    Note:Read the attached document posted under the item SAS and reproduce similar results using your own data. Practice using and running the commands.Make sure to use the dollar sign $ after entering a nominal variable.