Solve Inventory Models. Solve problems in excel, assignment help

The A&M Hobby Shop carries a line of radio-controlled model racing cars. Demand for the cars is assumed to be constant at a rate of 40 cars per month. The cars cost $60 each, and ordering costs are approximately $15 per order, regardless of the order size. The annual holding cost rate is 20%.

a. Determine the economic order quantity and total annual cost under the assumption that no backorders are permitted.

b. Using a $45 per-unit per-year backorder cost, determine the minimum cost inventory policy and total annual cost for the model racing cars.

c. What is the maximum number of days a customer would have to wait for a backorder under the policy in part (b)? Assume that the Hobby Shop is open for business 300 days per year.

d. Would you recommend a no-backorder or a backorder inventory policy for this product? Explain. e. If the lead time is six days, what is the reorder point for both the no-backorder and backorder inventory policies?

If you accept to do this I will send sample of what the spreadsheet should look like.