Social development in childhood

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Social development in childhood



For your initial post, review the videos A Class Divided and Social Development: Crash Course Sociology #13. Then respond to the following:

· Based on the content in “A Class Divided,” are children immune to the attitudes and behaviors of other group members? Explain.

· In what ways might important developmental milestones influence social development in childhood?

· Based on psychological evidence, should antisocial behavior in adulthood be primarily blamed on impaired socialization as a child? If so, what types of interventions might help to remediate these impairments? If not, what do you think leads to adult antisocial behavior?

· Can you teach children tolerance and inclusiveness if they are already indoctrinated by societal intolerance? What if the children in “A Class Divided” had never had a follow-up class explaining brown eyes as an indicator of smart people?

· How does the concept of development of the social self apply to any of the following programmatic course themes:

· Self-care

· Social justice

· Emotional intelligence

· Career connections

· Ethics