SLO 8: Evaluate the dynamic forces and issues influencing health care delivery in order to initiate interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary change that affects the quality of the health care system.

DNP Essential IV states that “the DNP program prepares the graduate to…provide leadership in the evaluation and resolution of ethical and legal issues within health care systems relating to the use of information, information technology, communication networks, and patient care technology” 

DNP Essential VII states that “current concepts of public health, health promotion, evidence-based recommendations, determinants of health, environmental/occupational health, and cultural diversity and sensitivity guide the practice of DNP graduates” 

SPP: Reducing Readmissions for Psychiatric Patients through Medication Assessment


Review DNP Essentials IV and VII and reflect upon the intersection of SLO 8, DNP Essentials IV and VII, and your SPP.

In a Word document, journal if and how you have met SLO 8 in the post-graduate level courses you have taken to date. Also, discuss how you plan to meet this SLO 8 during the course of taking this scholarly project course.