Sleep Deprivation-Physiological Responses




TOPICResearch and Acceptable Scholarly Sources

THREAD: Post properly formatted APA references for two sources that you will use in your literature review next week. Include a quick mention of the topic and a short defense of why you want to use these two sources.

Imagine that if you do not defend your use of them well enough, you will not be allowed to use them. How are they relevant and useful to your topic? What value or benefit do they provide your research proposal? Make sure they are both scholarly journal articles.

While many books are acceptable sources, this is a good time to practice using the JFL website. Do not include any books, magazine articles, book reviews, or websites. There is no minimum word count, but do not go beyond 400 words.

REPLIES: Choose threads by two of your classmates and answer these questions:

1. Are the APA references formatted correctly?

2. Are the sources scholarly in nature? (You may need to visit where they were found to determine this.)

3. Do these sources seem relevant to their topic? Explain your answer.

There is no minimum word count, but do not go beyond 150 words for each reply.





Author: Katlyn Warren

Reply to this:

Sleep is one of the most important activities that we as sleepy humans need.  We are a sleep-deprived society, and it would be ideal for workplace hours to start no earlier than 10 am.  The first source I found that would benefit supporting my ideas is a journal article based on what the deprivation of sleep can do to the way a person acts in the workplace.  It claims that with the lack of adequate sleep, then there is less self-regulation.

This is one thing that we definitely need in the workplace.  The fact that there is a lack of sleep in the workplace causing an issue like this is alarming.  The second reference I have included will also support ideas with getting up and rising with the sun is a second journal article that is written about what exactly sleep deprivation does to one’s body.

Not getting enough shut-eye can have lasting impacts within the body, with one’s personality, and many other areas of one’s life.  Both of these articles are important to point out the many issues we are causing our own bodies with the constant pressures of society and the 24 hour productivity that happens everyday.



Reusch, U., & Schweda, E. (1999). Sleep Deprivation and Physiological Responses. A Case Report. Solid-State Sciences, 1(4), 233-243. doi:10.1016/s1293-2558(00)80078-3








Authour: Lea Gooch



The research topic I have proposed concerns Mexican-American marriages in the U.S. and how speaking or not speaking Spanish in the home affects the marriage.

First Source:

I would like to use this source because it provides insight into the differences in manners of expression and quantities and qualities of words and verb expressions in English and Spanish languages. This source would be valuable in my research proposal because in examining the effects speaking Spanish in the home has for Mexican American couples living in the United States, being aware of the differences in the English and Spanish language will provide insight into how speaking one over the other could affect martial relationships.