significant pre-and postnatal stress

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significant pre-and postnatal stress


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Case Study Analysis: Early Childhood

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PSY6015: Lifespan Development

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Case Study

Sophia is a 24-month-old who lives with her mother and maternal grandmother. She has

never had contact with her biological father. She is a biracial child whose mother is Mexican

American and whose father is African American. Sophia stays at home with her maternal

grandmother during the day while her mother works as a waitress. While there were no pregnancy

or birth complications with Sophia, her mother was exposed to significant pre-and postnatal stress

and experienced notable postpartum depression, which resulted in inconsistent care for Sophia.

When her mother leaves for work, Sophia often cries uncontrollably, but upon her mother’s return,

Sophia ignores her mother or clings to her grandmother. Sophia does not yet use two-word phrases

and primarily communicates through gestures or pointing. Sophia enjoys playing with dolls and

looking at books but rarely engages in play independently and often follows or clings to her

grandmother during the day. Sophia is beginning to feed herself and shows some interest in toilet

training. Sophia’s pediatrician reports that Sophia is overall in good health but has concerns about

lack of language development. Sophia’s family moved frequently within her community in rural

Tennessee during the first years of her life because of trouble securing housing. The family

currently lives in a two-bedroom apartment in which Sophia shares a bedroom with her mother.

Sophia currently co-sleeps with her mother. Sophia has trouble falling asleep on her own and will

wake if someone else is not in the room. Sophia’s mother and grandmother have a contentious

relationship. Her grandmother is often critical of her mother’s parenting skills and thinks that

Sophia’s mother should be more attentive to Sophia’s needs. Sophia’s mother reports feeling

overwhelmed and depressed and is often angry when Sophia cries when she comes home from

work. The family has limited financial resources, and money is a constant source of stress. At times,

there is not enough food in the house and the family has to use local foodbanks. The family has no

extended family in the area and a limited social support network.