Should the students live on campus for their first year ?

Should the students live on campus for their first year ?

Argumentive essay 

argument followed by refutation 

I. Introduction

( Each year, a lot of freshman students must take their decision between living on or off campus. The choice is difficult for all students, especially or those who choose to go to a university in their city. There are some mis conceptions that living on campus is expensive and the students will not be comfortable in their room. However, there are reasons why it can be very beneficial to choose to live on campus, especially in your first years of college. On the other hand, the international students is more likely to get the benefits of living on campus, because living on campus will let them delve deeper into society, culture, and it will help them to improve their language.) plz use this introduction 

II. Background info.

III. Reason 1 with explanation and support

IV. Reason 2 with explanation and support

V. Reason 3 with explanation and support

VI. Refutation of your opponent’s most important reason

VII. Conclusion ( summarize, demand action, suggest a solution, or predict an outcome)


* plz write it as an international student with some grammer mistakes.

* 3 pages long

* plz make an outline for it