Short Stats Project

Please answer to all the questions carefully, and make your work legible. You may use Excel, Stat Crunch or different kind of software’s to calculate and graph the datas.

Interview 20 women and 30 men between 18 to 60 years old, ask them their ages and the number of hours that they work. These information would be your populations. ( Do not really need to interview can be made up) For each group find the followings:

1. Find the Mean, Median, and Mode, Standard deviation, Variance, the percentile of 40, the z-score for the value of 35, Q1 and Q3 for the ages only

2. Construct a frequency distribution for men and women separately with 6 classes and use the lowest number as the lower class limit of the first class.Then draw a histogram, for that frequency distribution for the ages only.

3. Draw boxplot and 5 number summary. Do you have outliers?

4. Draw the bell shaped distribution.( Impirical Rule)

5. Create a sample of 10 men and 10 women from each group, find their sample mean for the number of work hours. (Independent samples) Then test the hypothesis that the average work hours for the men and the women in the group is different.

6. Use the datas from the samples that you created in part (e), and calculate the Coefficient of determination and find the least square regression line, then graph the line. [ You should consider the ages of people as x value (Horizontal-Axis) and the number of hours that they work as y value (Vertical-Axis).] Please explain that what kind of correlation exist between the ages of the people and the number of hours they work.