sensitivity levels of screeners thesis

sensitivity levels of screeners thesis

SDT Avoiding Response Bias

Although vigilance is related to SDT, adopting a liberal bias, where security screeners hand-search and screen people, can create long security lines. This can result in airlines losing money when rebooking people. The question that arises is, “How can sensitivity to weapons be increased without increasing bias?”

Some of the methods that can be adopted to avoid response bias are as follows:

  • Provide posters showing types of weapons hidden in luggage at probable locations at checkpoints. Workers can refer to these posters while performing security checks or using the screening machine.
  • Plant weapons in luggage so that screeners see targets more frequently.
  • Train screeners to make them more responsive to the presence of weapons so that they can quickly and accurately ascertain the presence of weapons.

Although using techniques that enhance the sensitivity levels of screeners can help maintain high levels of vigilance, fatigue usually tends to decrease their performance. Therefore, short, frequent rest breaks at work should be provided to screeners.

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