Review and Reflections on Educational Sessions

Educational Sessions:

Review of, and written reflections concerning various educational media viewed.


Participation in viewing 10 hours of webinars, online/video instruction, podcasts, etc. will be expected. Content area must include the Covid-19 pandemic, and the relevant leadership (e.g. nurse leader). For example, on the AONL leadership website

 there are three videos/webinars that can be viewed: 1) “Leadership Through COVID-19: Nurse Executive Perspectives”, 2)“Pandemic Surge Staffing – Insights from the Front Lines in NY”, and 3) “Unique Staffing Models and Wellness of Caregivers During Surge”. The ANA website also has videos and webinars that can be viewed for no charge. For example, some of the topics include: PPE, Ventilator Management of Covid-19 Patients, Ethics Webinar, Racial Disparities of Covid-19, Self-care Webinar, Covid-19 Disease Progression and Nursing Interventions, etc. 

Please note that for each program viewed or webinar participated in the student will write a short reflection (2 paragraphs) on the main messages of the educational session and the key areas of learning for the student. Please, include sources/references