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Research Report Assignment Outline (30%)Due April 3rd by 3pmYou are to submit a research report of no more than 5-6 pages (excluding title page and any references – I stop grading after 6 pages) to me at the beginning of class April 3rd by 3pm as a Word or PDF document. The rubric is also available on FOL. Look at it to see how the grade will be broken down.Your report can be on any topic you want to choose that is related to your field of study. The report should include (please see grading rubric in Module 7 for more on this assignment): Title page Memo or Letter of Transmittal (please see the textbook for more information) Table of Contents Introduction Body – content focus and sequencing Conclusions and recommendations Sources and support I will also look for proper grammar and mechanics – so please have someone proofread your work because if I cannot understand it, you cannot receive marks for it.Your communication style is also important and worth /4. See the assignment rubric for more on this topic.I will also look for proper formatting and the general aesthetics of your paper. Again, see the grading rubric for more on this grading category.The textbook is an invaluable resource for this assignment, use it!