Regression Analysis Unit 7 Discussion

Regression Analysis

Download the MM305_DataSets zip file to your computer (located in Course Documents).

Select a data set with at least two numerical variables. You will NOT be able to copy and paste a graph into the Discussion Board, so you should copy your graph to a Word Document and attach it to your post.

Determine the following information on your selected data set. Be sure to answer all questions using complete sentences.

  1. What are the two variables? Do you think there might be a correlation between the two variables (before you analyze the data)?
  2. Create a scatterplot with a simple linear regression (see video in Live Binder).
  3. What is the linear regression (prediction line) equation? What is the coefficient of determination ?
  4. Do you think that there is a strong positive or strong negative correlation? Why or why not? Is this result what you expected?
  5. Attach the scatterplot to your post.

See Example post.

First response: Choose a classmate’s post and review the linear regression (prediction line) equation. Select a value for the independent variable X and calculate the predicted Y. Be sure to show your work. Does the predicted value seem reasonable?

See Example post.

Second response: Choose another classmate’s post. Further the math conversation by commenting on the correlation between the two variables and why you believe the regression equation is a good or poor model for prediction.

See Example post.