Reflection and Action Plan Thesis

Reflection and Action Plan Thesis

Reflection Piece and Action Plan

There are a total of 35 points available for this project. Think of it this way… you will start out with a perfect score and points will be deducted if you fail to address any portion of the assignment, or do not follow guidelines regarding the length of the responses.

There are no “wrong” answers. Please do take care with spelling and grammar. Responses must be uploaded to the class website by 5:00 pm on Monday, December 14.

I hope that you will find this project to be useful and, hopefully, enjoyable!


Part 1: Where you are now

A very typical interview question (for employment or graduate school), is “tell us three words that describe you.” What people tend to go to in answering this are things that they think of as their strengths. So, first, tell me three words that describe you.

Then, choose one of those words and tell me more… give me examples… actually, tell me a (short) story that exemplifies how you possess this particular quality/strength. (Response should be roughly two to four paragraphs – 15 points possible for this section)


Part 2: Moving forward


So, here you are—midway into your college experience, but at the start of your time at UW. Where do you want to go from here? How do you want to develop and possibly add to the strengths and qualities that you already possess?

Choose three of the six options listed below and develop an action plan for each. Talk about things you may have already researched or learned about in our class, as well as questions that you may need to ask yourself or others. Who are the “go to” people who will assist you in pursuing these opportunities? How will you find more information to refine your options? Think about adding links to websites that may be of help. (Response should be at least one well thought out paragraph for each of the three options – 20 points possible for this section)

· Getting involved in undergraduate research

· Joining social or academic clubs/organizations

· Studying abroad

· Finding a volunteer or internship position

· Taking part in student leadership opportunities (may include peer teaching)

· Pursuing a minor or a second major