Recent Research About Therapeutic Anger

Although original aggression theories thought that venting your anger could be therapeutic (i.e. cathartic), recent research shows that venting anger can actually make you angrier – at least for some people.

For this discussion, think about your own life and how you deal with anger. After watching the video (PLEASE FIND LINK BELOW) answer at least THREE of the following questions:

1). Do you under-vent, over-vent, or do you fall somewhere in the middle (and why)?

2). Describe a time when you were really angry, and tell me how you handled that anger.

3). Do you feel catharsis when you vent? In what way?

4). Do you fit more into the Type A or Type B personality, and how might that impact the way you deal with situations.

5). What did you think about the accuracy of the film, and is there research (or anecdotes you know of) that go against what the film proposes?

For your follow-up comment, compare your responses to at least one group mate and see if you can help “guide” each other to a healthier way of expressing your anger (if needed!).

Try to figure out if they use similar approaches or different ones. If different, which do you think is better and why?