Racism, what does that word mean. To many people it means

Racism, what does that word mean. To many people it means that ones ethnic stock is superior to others, but this is the dictionary definition. To me racism is; hate crimes, people bias towards certain ethnic groups, ignorance, intolerance. Hate crimes happen a lot because of racism, for example; in Georgia two white males beat a black man and drag him behind their truck in till his head was ripped off. (www. princeton. edu/bnsimon/race. html) All of this because of his skin color. Hitler killed all those Jews because he thought he was better than them, more superior to them.
Certain ethnic groups are sometimes bias to other ethnic groups. Like the whites think that the blacks are not as good because they have dark skin. A good example of the whites not liking the blacks is the KKK, they are a organized group of whites that don’t like the blacks. (Ethics and Values volume 7) Back in the day the whites would have blacks as there slaves, make them work with out receiveing any money for it. Ignorance, what is ignorance. The dictionary says that it is the lack of knowledge or understanding. that is part of racism.
Some ethnic groups don’t understand others so they automatically think they are better. The best way to fight racism is for a more critical scence for all people because the privilege of “whiteness” has made many whites either unable to talk about race or very uncomfortable doing so. we never hear people reflect on what it feels like and means to be white except for that irritating “angry white male talk. ” Mostly for ethnic groups like Jews, Irish, Italions, who have been descriminated against on a basis of ethnicity.
(Cornel West) Every one has had their shot at defining “race” Theologins had their shot for hundreds of years. Then scientists took over in the nineteeth century. social scienetists have dominated the twentiah century definitions of race. (cornel West) Some people think that color blindness is the answer to racial divides but how many white people realize that this means more than other races giving up their indentifications and thinking of themselves as individuals. In south africa they are setting up to find ways to stop racism in advertising. ( Gomes – Sheftel Nasoan, Racism, )
In November a committee had a hearing during which the ad businness was blamed for alleggedly unwillingness to place ads in media whos audience is black. ( Gomes – Sheftel Nasoan, Racism, )The industry was also charged at the hearing with preffering white actors over black ones in tv commercials. The industry will be forced to find its own solutions to the problem. Agencies are responding to pressure by the south african government to sell equity to black partners as a condition for winning accounts. By setting up “token entities” with a black front.
Twenty one blacks recently filed a 100 million federal law suit against Cracker Barral Old Country store Inc. , accusing the nation wide chain of racism. Much of the law suit focuses on how the black people had to wait while white customers were seated and helped first. With aligations from the segragating black customers in the smoking section to deny them service. They are accused of racism in 175 cities or 30 states. They say they have enough evidence to suggest that the cracker barral is responsible for descriminating black. The spokesman for them denys everything.
This most recent accusation is the largest civil rights law suit against a restaurant chain since Dennys settled a 46 million descrimination lawsuit in 1994. (Gomes – Sheftel Nasoan, Racism, ) Some Alaska natives were descriminated on by white males. (juneau Empire) They shot them many times with a paintball gun and filmed it, so they got caught. (Juneau Empire) The governor has emphasized that this is an Alaska problem, that Alaskans should be dealing with it. (Juneau Empire) The natives in Alaska get a lot of descrimination from people, even though there are way more natives then anything else in Alaska.
(juneau Empire) This assault was only a latest in a series of incidents of racial tolerance eating away at Alaskas social fabric and its appropriate that the state respond. (Juueau Empire) Governor Tony Knowles named 14 Alaska natives ethnic and religious leaders to a new governors commission on tolerance. They were appointed this after the paintball attack on a Alaskan native. (Juneau Empire) The commission plans hearings in about a dozen communities and will prepare reccomidations for countering racism. The panel will seek help from the public.
Portegese traders brought the first african slaves for agricultural labor to the carribean in 1502. (www. Encyclopedia. com) From then in till 1860 is it estimated that more than 10 million people were transported from africa to the Americas. www. encyclopedia. com Here is a poem by Shayla Campos “Juvenile names” I’ve washed away the evil names that others gave me. From their lips trying to destroy my dignity. Burning through my innocence. Sculted through my ears-like a demonic chant, like witches….. casting hexes, wanting to destroy their victim. Why did you call me those names??
Infantite cries escaped your mouths as my self worth escaped my soul. You were vultures wanting to leave me with only a shell. You almost succeded Yet I have removed your curse. This poem is about her being a minority and getting called names by people. She says that when she was growing up she was different. Racism in any form is a realistic and homble way of thinking. I’ve found out that Racism isn’t just a word, it is a feeling, thought, action. Racism still exists today and will probably exists forever. There will all ways be that one person who thinks he is better than another person.
And Because of this I don’t think that there is a way to ever stop racism. There are only ways to help keep it down. If you see some one experiencing hate because of there race, you could help them out by telling the person doing it to stop. Bibliography www. prinveton. edu/bnsimon/race. html www. encyclopedia. com/articles/10725raceclassificationandracism. html Mentor older brother, January 6, 2002 Gomes – Sheftel Nasoan, Racism, Therosen publishing group inc West, cornel Race Matters, Beacon Press Boston 1997 Ethics and Values Volume7, Racism – slander, grolier educational 1999 Juneau Empire, January 7, 2002?