PUBH6012: Capstone B: Applied Research Project in Public

This assessment addresses the following learning outcomes:1. Integrate and apply their knowledge and skills inpublic health2. Apply research skills to a public health issue3. Analyse the results of data collected from research,taking into consideration prior evidence and theory4. Understand the ethical implications for conducting apiece of public health research6. Create a final research reportInstructions:Part 1: Due Sunday end of Module 1 Week 1Based on the feedback from your Capstone A Research Proposal, revise your research plan andGANTT chart.Submit these to your Capstone A facilitator by Sunday end of Module 1 Week 1. You may notproceed with your data collection until this has been approved by your supervising facilitator.Part 2:The final assignment for this subject will be the write-up of the findings of your research into a finalreport. This will be comprised of the following parts:1) Abstracta. Summary of your report (as you would find in a published research article)2) Introductiona. Introduction to and justification of the topic area, drawing upon your literature review (fromCapstone A), and including the knowledge gap your project addressesb. Your research question3) Research design and methodsa. Summarise your research design/methods (from Capstone A) – what type of project did you do?b. How did you collect the data (ie search strategy and process/ policy consultation process)? If apolicy consultation, explain how any organizations/individuals that you consulted with wereapproachedc. How did you analyse the data (ie thematic analysis, systematic review process, consultationsynthesis)?d. Briefly explain the ethical issues that should be considered4) Resultsa. Report the results of your findings, e.g. key themes if a qualitative study, results in tableformat if a quantitative studyb. Clearly explain key figures, tables and graphs5) Discussion: Analysis and interpretation of yourresultsa. Place your results in the context of your literature review (from Capstone A)b. Analyse the results in light of the academic literature in public health and discipline specificconcepts and tools covered in the MPH course6) Conclusiona. Conclusions from this studyb. Limitations of thisstudyc. Recommendations for future research or policy change based on feasible solutions7) Supplementary materiala. Reference Listb. Any appendicesThis research report format has been based on the standard format for a journal article, and thusmay be submitted to a journal in the future if the student is interested.