Pros and cons of assessment instruments

Locate several (six or more) assessment instruments that you could consider using to assess the variables you have selected in your program evaluation design. Be sure to cite and reference each instrument in APA style. Include validity and reliability data for each instrument, and be sure to cite and reference all sources in APA style.

Discuss the pros and cons of each instrument. Consider the feedback from your classmates and instructor in the discussion regarding the appropriateness of each instrument based on your program and population. In your conclusion section, identify the instrument(s) that seem to fit your program requirements the best, as well as which instruments seem to have the worst fit for your needs.

Note: You do not have to have the actual instrument in hand for this assignment. You can rely on scholarly literature for a description of the instrument if you are unable to obtain the actual instrument without purchasing it.

However, the cost of purchasing instruments should be a consideration in your selection process!  Most non-profit agencies cannot afford to pay for assessment instruments.  Are there alternatives in the public domain that would work?