Project Two Milestone Thesis

Project Two Milestone Thesis

PSY 375 Project Two Template


[For this project, you will create a technology and cognition blog post with the goal of educating a general audience, as well as healthcare providers, who are educated but not necessarily familiar with your topic of research.

Do your best to summarize your sources in your own words with a scientific and formal but not overly technical tone. As such, do not use quotations in your blog, but be sure to use in-text citations and references appropriately.


In your Project Two Milestone, which was due in Module Five, you selected a topic and completed an annotated bibliography of current research related to your topic.

Be sure to incorporate any instructor feedback on the analysis of your sources before beginning work on this project. You will use all of the primary sources from your milestone to complete this project.

Based on your topic selection and research in your milestone, create a technology and cognition blog post. You must address each of the rubric criteria listed below in about 600 to 900 words total.


Complete this template by replacing the bracketed text with the relevant information. Delete the bullets when you are done so your finished product will resemble a blog post. Also, remove this note before you submit your blog post.]


[Insert Blog Post Title]


[Optional: Insert image]


Topic Summary and Theory Background

· [Describe why research is being done on your selected topic.]

· [Summarize how technology affects cognition for your selected topic.]

· [Describe how a classic theory or concept in cognitive psychology applies to your selected topic. Examples include encoding specificity, levels of processing, late or early selection models, the multiple resources approach to attention, automaticity, and the dual-route model of language.]


Compare and Contrast Primary Research Articles

· Note: To answer each of the questions below, compare and contrast two of the three primary sources you identified in your Project Two milestone. Incorporate all three primary sources in your responses.

· [Compare the use of participants in two primary sources of your choice. Consider how the choice of participants is relevant to the research or how comparing the participants could inform future research or different conclusions.]

· [Compare the measures, tests, and research designs used in two primary sources and compare how these measures relate to the specific domains of cognition mentioned in the articles. Consider how the research methods used are relevant to the research and how they can inform future research or different conclusions.]

· [Compare the limitations identified in two primary sources of your choice. Consider how the limitations are relevant to the research methodology implemented or conclusions drawn. For example, does the methodology in one article use procedures that can be used to infer causation more precisely and accurately? Does one source have a more representative sample than the other?]



· [Describe your conclusions about your selected topic based on the research you have analyzed.]



[Insert any references according to APA style.]