POwer point presentation on down syndrome

POwer point presentation on down syndrome

I need a power point presentation on down syndrome… here are the requirements for my presentation:





  20% of grade
Description –

Powerpoint presentation should be 10 slides, including a reference slide. The topic of the presentation will be the same as the research paper. 

Method of Evaluation –


Oral Presentation Rubric

Student:  ________________________________________________   Grade: ____________                      


Topic is relevant and addresses assignment specifications          

Content presented is comprehensive, accurate, and believable

Key points are noted

Topic is researched adequately


Presentation is well-organized, clear, and effectively structured

There is an introduction to gain the audience’s attention and explain the purpose of the presentation 


Dress and grooming are appropriate to the setting

Non-verbal cues/gestures are appropriate to presentation and flow of ideas

Content knowledge/confidence are evident

Time was used well/not rushed

Use of Visual Aids:

Visual aids are used where appropriate

Visual aids are appropriately professional given the presentation’s context

They are easy to see/read

Media are used correctly–i.e., overheads, videos, computer generated slides, charts, etc.

Visual aids contribute to the overall effectiveness of the presentation

Audience Participation:

The presenter(s) involved the audience and solicited feedback