Please read the above Essay writing carefully and find the

Please read the above Essay writing carefully and find the details below.
i. Write the Main Topic Sentence 1
ii. Write the Supporting Details 1 and author’s Citation
iii. Supporting Details 2 and author’s Citation
iv Supporting Details 3 and author’s Citation
ACADEMIC WRITING ASSIGNMENT ON RESEARCH PAPER The Effect of Corruption for Nigerian Future Generation in Employability Sector. First, the employability rate has decreased tremendously. Individuals with no source of income in the country have been on the upward rise which is causing armed-robbery, malnutrition, sickness and death in the country. For a country that boasts of being among the leading oil producers, it is quite a worrying state. People who have to work in various government positions are getting left out as the rich are bribing their way into the posts. Most government officials are known to mismanage public funds and thus denying the unemployed chances to gain employment in government projects (Agbiboa, 2014). It is common to see mega government projects stalled due to the looting of federal coffers which were meant to create jobs. The oil fields in the nation are managed by foreign companies that take advantage of the labour force and pay them peanuts while they earn billions of dollars. The government top officials are no longer concerned about the needs of Nigerians but are more interested in serving their needs (Asaju, 2014). In addition, the lack of employment has led to many job seekers to engage in crime, and the dreaded, Boko-Haram growth gets attributed to high rates of unemployment Boko haram can be defined as a growing radical terror group in Nigeria that is against mass oppression. The Boko haram view the government and the educated elite as corrupt individuals who are not interested in serving the Nigerian population but rather serve their self-interest. The unemployed youths who are agitated by the high corruption and unemployment rate are associating themselves with this group to air their grievances violently. Local companies that employ millions of people are discouraged from bidding government contracts due to its inability to fulll its obligations. The government needs to strategize and find new ways to root out corruption at most of its agencies which are the most affected. By rooting out corrupt officials starting from the lowest paid officials to their highest paid ones public funds will be able to get utilized sufficiently and reduce the high rates of unemployment. According to lwayemi, Akin (2013). The Nigeria increased unemployment and corruption rate is attributed by the poor education systems. Students are taught to cram, the education system fail to offer learners enough skills to utilize in the real world. The graduate are not self-reliant and their innovation capacity is low. The youth who spend many years in class are frustrated when they fail to fit in