Please Answer the Following Questions

Task 1

The net of a composite space figure is shown below.

a. What figures make up the composite space figure?

b. What is the surface area of the composite space figure? Round your answer to the nearest square centimeter.

Task 2

Jack and Maureen are opening an ice hotel. The structure and furniture are made out of ice. They must determine the weight of some of the ice furniture to decide the size of the crane needed to lift each piece into place. Maureen knows that ice weighs approximately 62.4 pounds per cubic foot. Find the approximate weight of each of the figures below.

a. The stage in the banquet hall measures 22 ft by 15 ft by 4 ft.

b. Two cylindrical pillars will flank the front door. Each cylinder has diameter 1 ft and height 9 ft.

c. A series of four spheres will decorate the reception area. The largest sphere has diameter 4 ft. Th e other three spheres have diameter 2 ft, 1 ft, and 1/2 ft.

I have attached the project questions and rubric which contains all the requirements to receive a passing grade