Personality Disorders Program Transcript

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Personality Disorders Program Transcript

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Personality Disorders

Personality Disorders Program Transcript

MALE SPEAKER: Tell you the truth, I don’t even want to be here. My mother, she nags. She pushed me to come. Of course, she’s 86. She nags and complains about everything. I came just to keep her quiet.

FEMALE SPEAKER: You mentioned that she’s concerned about your not having very many friends.

MALE SPEAKER: I don’t have a girlfriend. That’s what bothers her. She comes over to my apartment, starts talking about how I don’t take care of myself, How I need to meet someone, get married.

FEMALE SPEAKER: Sounds like you’re dealing with some frustration, some annoyance. What do you think about it when she’s talking about these things?

MALE SPEAKER: She’s my mom. I know she cares, but a woman. I’ve been alone too long to change now. I don’t want a relationship. I never have. It’s not a big deal.

FEMALE SPEAKER: What about your other friends? How would you characterize your social life?

MALE SPEAKER: I mean, I know people. They’re friends.

FEMALE SPEAKER: But what do you like to you when you guys get together?

MALE SPEAKER: I don’t need other people to do things. I can be my own best friend. I like my privacy.

FEMALE SPEAKER: What about the rest of your family? Do you spend a lot of time with them? Are you close with them?

MALE SPEAKER: My mom’s my family. I don’t care about my father or my sister.

FEMALE SPEAKER: How about when you were in school and college? How would you describe your social life back then? Students often have opportunities to socialize, do activities, making friends.

MALE SPEAKER: I didn’t have much use for all that. I was busy studying. You don’t get on the dean’s list by playing around.

FEMALE SPEAKER: No, you don’t. And what was your major?

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Personality Disorders

MALE SPEAKER: Electrical engineering. I didn’t finish, though. I went three semesters. That was it for me. Trust me, I learned a lot more when I stopped going to classes. The other students were completed, idiots. I’m not kidding. I taught myself everything I do now at my job– math, statistics, computers, data analysis.

Do you want to know how long my commute is? 10 steps. 10 steps, my bedroom to my desk. I do all my job right there at home. It’s perfect.

FEMALE SPEAKER: So besides work, what do you like to do in your free time?

MALE SPEAKER: World of Warcraft, an online role-playing game. 20 levels, incredibly complex. It has the most incredible special effects. I’ve been playing it for years, and I still get shivers every time I turn it on and hear that theme music.

FEMALE SPEAKER: What do you like about it so much?

MALE SPEAKER: It’s hard to explain if you’ve never played it. Basically, you go exploring and you get to create your own fantasy world, whatever it is. Sky’s the limit.

FEMALE SPEAKER: And how do you feel as you’re playing it?

MALE SPEAKER: You know how they say there’s nothing left, nothing more left to explore or discover on earth except maybe at the bottom of the ocean? But I’ve always imagined myself making some great new discoveries. You know, like– I don’t know. Something great. This game lets me do that.