Personal Philosophy Thesis

Personal Philosophy Thesis

1. After reading the book Deep Work, by Cal Newport, answer all questions in the file Deep Work.

2. Taken together, the lessons of the Deep Workbook can be applied to life under COVID.  For your thinking challenge, come up with a deep work plan for the Spring semester of 2021.  Be as specific as possible, and remember that it is better to do fewer things but well, than many things poorly.

Our boy Cal Newport came up with a time-block planner here:

The above two questions need to be completed by January 5


3. After reading Thinking Fast and Slow, by Daniel Kahneman, answer all questions in the document “Thinking Fast and Slow”.

4. After listening to the two podcasts, develop a personal philosophy on how to change your mind:

Put it together in a list of bullet points to remind yourself go how to think about the world in the next year.  For full credit, you need to incorporate the information from both podcasts and both books.