Optimizing a Research by Finding a New Equation Final Class Project

For your final class project, read a scientific paper on a topic of your choice from the mathematical biology literature. Computationally implement the model in the paper and extend the paper’s results. Your extension may be mathematical or computational. Prepare a presentation of the paper and your extension.

Proposals. Submit the following in class on Thursday, April 3, or sooner:

• What are you planning to do? Specifically, what paper are you planning to read, and how are you planning to extend the model? What question(s) do you plan to investigate? (1 – 3 sentences is fine.)

Progress Report. Due Thursday, April 6, or sooner: • Report progress on model development and simulation, data/model parameter estimation, analysis, and model interpretation/conclusions • What have you completed? What is your next step? •

final paper April 9

please look at the attached 3 guild line for more information, for the paper I prefer number 2 but there are more then 40 you can choose from let me know if you wanna read another one

paper number 2: (i have attached it)

Nowak MA and Bangham CRM. Population dynamics of immune responses to persistent viruses. Science, 272(5258):74–79, 1996.