Opportunity to invest in what could have been ‘Instagram’

In the case of the Kodak story, it is very evident the main mora to understand: comp acency will kill any business.” Kodak’s management is to be commended, as they were a pioneer for the photography business. Starting out in 1975, Kodak built itself a platform as the cream of the crop in the photo business. They developed their product in a way that would potentially grow successfully through ought time, giving necessary attention to what their individual products could do better. However, in doing so Kodak’s ability to adapt to a newer age and essentially save themselves from going out of business was to no avail due to ignorance and competitive inertia. Which is defined as the reluctance to change practices or competitive strategies. Kodak’s leadership failed to recognize that the market was changing and therefore lost profit in business. This could have been easily avoided if both Kodak’s leadership and management personnel efficiently executed their roles. If this had happened the company would probably still be in successful business today. Also, the fact that Kodak had the opportunity to invest in what could have been ‘Instagram’ before Instagram was even created.