NURS1007 Health Research: Write a 2,000 word report which

NURS1007 Health Research: ASSESSMENT THREE Critical Evaluation& Synthesis (40%)What is required:The written Critical Evaluation and Synthesis report requires you to think critically about concepts, principles and processes related to research evidence and its use in real world settings/health care/clinical scenario. This is an individual assessment.Write a 2,000 word report which will be submitted online (plus Tables and Figures as you decide to use them). References should be in the APA 6th Edition style. The marking rubric is available through canvas.What you are doing:From the systematic search conducted by your team in assessment two (2), you will select 3 articles that were identified and undertake a systematic and critical review of their quality using a critical review tool. If your team did not identify any articles, you will be given a PICOT question and 3 articles (after Tuesday 17th September 2019). In addition, you will synthesise the findings, and make a recommendation of how to apply the overall findings to your own life and suggest a strategy to enable others to implement the same changes to their own lifestyle.Quality AssessmentComplete a clear and well-defined systematic appraisal of the quality of each study which is also tabulated (through a risk of bias table). You must explain and justify the concepts evaluated. The methods for obtaining the quality scores for each study also needs to be described.In addition to the risk of bias table in the main text, an appendix table should provide quotes from the papers included to support the decision made on the quality of the relevant paper, in order to make the process fully auditable.SynthesisProvide a description of how the results were synthesised with respect to the evidence quality and in contrast with the wider literature. In answer to the PICOT question you formulated, a decision should be made and it should also answer to the over-arching theme of “whether you should trade sleep for study before an exam”. The question should also indicate where and why any uncertainties may exist in the decision that you make.ApplicationYou must recommend how to apply the findings to the real world- specifically, to your life and consider broader implementation amongst peers. There should be evidence that you have thought about how to do it practically, and note what might operate as barriers. You should also document potential contingency plans and note other structures that may be necessary to change behaviour and sustain that change. It is also important to consider how you will measure the effect of that behaviour change.