my assessment its due on 26th may 2018 its a case study on

On brest cancermy assessment its due on 26th may 2018 its a case study on breast cancer of1000words its a scenario basedJade is an overweight 45 year old woman who lives with her son in Miller, a suburb in South West Sydney. Jade has been smoking about 10 cigarettes and drinking 2-4 alcoholic drinks per day since her early 20’s. Three months ago she noticed a lump in her right breast, and more recently the lump is getting bigger and changing the shape and size of her right breast. Jade is concerned as her mother died of breast cancer 15 years ago. Jade visits her GP, who refers her to get a biopsy done which confirms that Jade is in the early stages of breast cancer.Each case study report shouldinclude: A description of the health issue relating to the case study, including prevalence and its impact on quality of life (using epidemiologicaldata) Ananalysisofthesocialandenvironmentaldeterminantsshapingthehealthissue A description of the services available to those affected by the health issue and the place of these services within the Australian health caresystem Acritiqueofservicestaskedwithaddressingthehealthissue and are they preventative or reactive? Relate these services back to your specific case study. A recommendation andconclusion for the health issue and the specific case study.